What is the best business to start with little money?

The first thing, I want to mention before we get into those business ideas, is these can be meant for teenagers, many of these almost every single one of these you can do as a teenager. Almost all these you can do is like a side business, like a side hustle business. A way to make money on the side. And if you focus on these you can make this a full-time income with pretty much almost every single one of these business ideas.

You’ll just want to make sure you get some business cards, and maybe like a couple of business shirts made. for any of the business that you’re going to interact with customers. I’ve known for my business. I use a site called Vistaprint and it’s like super cheap to do business cards and shirts and things like that. So, I have like a collared shirt. Use for my real business and whatnot and I have business cards that I don’t use as much now. Because I mostly contact people through email and whatnot.

But at the same time, a lot of these you’ll be going door-to-door for some of them. So, you might want to have a business card. Let’s go ahead and get into the topic.

Number One is Landscaping:

Landscaping Business is such a business you can start first so freaking cheap. I mean if you’re a teenager, you live with your parents, right? There’s a good chance your parents have a lot of like landscaping equipment that you could start a landscaping business with.

If you live on your own, you could start as a side hustle type of business. It takes very little capital to sort of landscaping business. and just kind of do whatever it is you can afford. So, if there’s maybe there’s something that, maybe you’re not ready to chop down trees. and you don’t have the money for a chainsaw or something. Don’t do that side of landscaping.

Maybe there’s just in your area everybody’s got a lawn. Right?

Everybody’s got grass in your area. Maybe you live in the south. You could buy a lawnmower. or if you already have a lot more just use a lawnmower you have and be just strictly kind of toward cutting grass.

Out here in Nevada, we don’t have a lot of grass. Right? But everybody’s got rocks in their yard. Everybody’s got little rocks and they go all over the place and they start looking all messy. A lot of people have little palm trees and things like that need to be trimmed up. Because a branch is slow to die off. You could start a business just like raking rocks.

You know hey, I’ll come by every two weeks. I’ll rake your rocks. Make them look all nice and your front yard, back yard and I’ll trim your little palm trees here. You know 20 bucks a time I’m come by. So, you know you make 40 bucks a month or whatever and it takes you a half-hour to do it. Or, 45 Minutes to do it. or whatever. So, and you make twenty twenty-five dollars in that the course of that hour guys.

So, landscaping you just got to kind of tailor it toward around what you want to do. I mean if you don’t want to climb big huge palm trees, that you know you live out here and the west coast and you don’t want to climb big palm trees and cut those. You don’t have to do that. Just focus landscaping business around what you know and what you can do and those kinds of things.

Number Two is Car Detailing:

Car detailing where you go to other people’s houses is just becoming a bigger and bigger industry, I see more and more times. You would start you just basically go door to door. Pass out business cards. You know to knock on people’s doors if you think they’re in an area that they might want their car detail. Which believe it or not. Sometimes there’s not a specific area, sometimes people think only like rich people want their car detailed. It’s not true.

Middle-class people even a lot of like people are in the middle class like their car detailed. Like car detailing it’s just depending upon it does the person that owned that car. I care about that car a lot. And it doesn’t have to be in a certain area. So, you don’t have to live in a certain area to start a car detailing business. You just have to find people that have cars that they care about. If they care about that car, the nail is one I’m looking fresh. They always want to look nice and the exterior, interior and everything they always want to look in perfect.

So, a car detailing business so cheap to start.

You know you buy the soul, the buckets. It’s like literally a car detailing the business you could probably start for less than a hundred dollars. They’ve maybe even less than $50. Some of you guys probably have the stuff lying around your house to detail a car. So, It’s not like you would have to spend any money at all. So that’s another big one that’s very profitable. Just go into people’s houses and doing that.

Number Three House Cleaning: one of the best business to start with little money

Specifically, house cleaning in retirement communities or wealthier areas. Now, this is one where you kind of want to tailor where your house cleaning at because the problem is a lot of middle-class people or especially below the middle class. They just don’t have the money. Or they need to want a house cleaner. Right? But, when you’re dealing with retirement communities those people generally have the money to pay for it and generally speaking they don’t want to have to clean their own house. Because either they’re physically incapable of doing it. Or, they just don’t want to damme do it.


Same thing wealthier areas, ladies don’t have the time. There more vital things they could do than cleaning a house. So, house cleaning once again another business that super cheap. I mean you can go to your local Sam’s Club or Costco or Walmart or whatever. Buy all the chemicals you need for under $100. It’s not a capital intensive business at all.

Number Four: Exterior Home Painting:

You could drive around the most neighborhood in the exterior paint on some of these houses it’s horrible. Right? You know they get all dirty. They get all nasty. You could start a business where that’s all you focus on its exterior painting of walls, fences, on the outside of houses things like that and you don’t buy a spray right off the bat. You know one of those industrial sprayers. It’s like 500-600 bucks. You just start with a paintbrush in a roller. Right? You can start with that. And that stuff’s you go down at home depot get it for twenty-thirty bucks.

It’s not like so capital intensive. The only things you would spend money on when you are buying the paint. That’s the only thing you need money for. But once you get up and rolling, the profits will start rolling in where you know to go buy that new bucket on paint and won’t be much for you at all.

Number Five: A Photography for Local Business:

The amount of local business I’m talking restaurants, local retailers, so many places need pictures online that we’re done like back when a cell phone, cameras were potatoes. You know are just horrible, horrible pictures. You go around. You know business-to-business these restaurants, bars wherever retail stores, gyms. All things in telling them, hey I’ll take you if you’re good at photography I’ll take all your photos. I make them look super nice. Currently, you’re using this picture. In this picture, it doesn’t show you in the most positive light. And then you can go ahead and become like that business this photographer does a whole business package for them.

You know for $199 – $299 or whatever you think is the right price to do that for. And get all new pictures for their websites. For Yelp or if they’re on Yelp things like that, all those types of you could. I mean look at many of your local businesses. Type in their names and you’ll see those pictures. Some of them look they were done back in the 90s or early 2000 are horrible. There’s a good business you can get into. If you have just a good DSLR camera. Maybe one that’s four or five hundred dollars or something like that you can get by with. That’s a really good business to start there.

Number Six: Social Media Managing for local business:

Look around at your local business in your community. I can guarantee you pretty much all them either have no social media presence or a pretty pathetic social media presence. Like they have no clue what they’re doing. If you know what you’re doing. You’re doing something on your social media-wise. I mean that doesn’t mean you have facebook carry of 20 friends. You have to know what you’re doing social media wisely. But if you built a base on Instagram, on a Youtube, on a Snapchat, on a Facebook something like that you’ve built a bit base. And you’re successful on social media doing something.

It’s going to be very easy for you to sell the idea of hey, a local Mexican restaurant I will manage your social media.

I will post pictures, every single you know twice a week or something like that I’ll come in. I’ll take pictures of the food. Take a picture of the restaurant. I’ll do a post for you. I’ll do you know deals and specials have going on. You know things like that and you just become the one that manages our social media takes out off their plate. Maybe they pay you $100 a week or something like that to do it.

You’re only might spend two or three hours. doing it. So, you’re making maybe $50 an hour, maybe $30 an hour or maybe $40 an hour or something like that. So, you know a lot about social media, go to your local businesses, reach out to them and manage their social media for them. and I guarantee you an upbringing position especially if you know what you’re doing. This will make them happy, maybe even they’ll start spending more money with you and you become more valuable to them. So, it’s a win-win for you in them.

Number Seven: Dog Sitting Business, Another best business to start with little money

This is a business you star virtually on no money. Dog skating business there’s a lot of people that go away for trips and want their pets looked after things like that. If you can kind of build a name and get in with some people. They spread your name around to another person and that’s how you can build a dog sitting business. You know it’s a lot easier than babysitting where you have such a huge responsibility. Dog sitting so much easier.

You know a lot of people, let’s say a lot of people have both spouses working. The husband’s working, the wife’s working and then maybe they don’t even have any kids and they’re just too busy to go out walk the dog. So, a lot of people would pay someone $20, $30 a day to come over and just walk their dog for 10-15 minutes. So, it’s a good business you can get into. Especially if you’re a teenager. I would highly recommend teenagers you guys kind of look into that. Especially if you good with dogs.

You may also become a dog groomer, check here for how to start a professional dog grooming business.

Number Eight: YouTube

This is a platform if you have some sort of talent. If you have something you can share with the world. This is certainly a way you can make money. It’s not easy, but there’s certainly a way you can make money on YouTube. Once you get a base built up. So, if you feel like the man you know I make people laugh. I’m good at camera things like that you should start a YouTube channel. You can make money here. I mean you know even if not that popular, but you make it 200 bucks a month on YouTube.

Is that’s such a bad thing?

Especially if you’re a teenager if it’s just your side business or something they had 200 extra dollars a month. It is 200 or 500 hundred dollars an extra month. It’s 500 extra dollars guys. That you didn’t have in the pocket before that you can pay a car bill or something like that. I remember It took me I think was nine months in and I was making enough to pay my car bill. and I was like this is so freaking cook. I can make enough money from doing something. I love doing and I could pay my card bill with that. Are you kidding me! That’s so cool.

Especially if you’re a teenager if it’s just your side business or something they had 200 extra dollars a month. It is 200 or 500 hundred dollars an extra month. It’s 500 extra dollars guys. That you didn’t have in the pocket before that you can pay a car bill or something like that. I remember It took me I think was nine months in and I was making enough to pay my car bill. and I was like this is so freaking cook. I can make enough money from doing something. I love doing and I could pay my card bill with that. Are you kidding me! That’s so cool.

So, YouTube makes money, but you just got to be good on camera.

You got to have something of value that you’re that’s a big thing either like preach out there. You got to give a value to whoever’s out there for me, It’s education and it’s mainly like sharing my story. And that’s like the value I give back and It’s like one percent entertainment. But maybe you just like the most entertaining person in the world. You could just and you’re KC nice that you know you can just entertain people and they’re just amazed by your videography, and the things you do and whatnot maybe you can do that.

Maybe you’re so good at making people laugh. You’re like a hilarious person on camera. You can make people laugh and that kind of thing, that’s a value bring it to somebody. But you got to ask yourself before going in is there some types of value I can give the consumer is they some type of value I can give to a viewer. If there’s not a true value, there, It’s gonna be very hard for you to succeed and make money off it.

Number Nine: eBay or Etsy Reseller:

eBay you know, I know there a lot of people doing this and they’re making pretty good some of this money. They’ll go to their local dollar store. Thrift store, some of these kinds of places and the fines of stuff for super cheap. They’ll go on and sell it on eBay for a 300% market or 400% market, maybe something they bought at a dollar store for a dollar and they go on eBay and sold for four bucks and then the other person pays the shipping and then eBay takes this little fee. But you still want to make it a two or three dollar profit.

I say you sell 10 units a day. If you sell 20 units a day. Then we’re talking about some real money here. You know you can start making thousand two thousand three thousand dollars a month. Doing it very successfully you just kind of got to have a plan going in.

Etsy is another big one that you can either resell things on.

Or if you are created and you create some pretty cool stuff. You can sell stuff on there or find at thrift stores or something weird store that you know so antique store and things like that. Antique store people are into finding some things. They’re just looking for stuff on Etsy. Interesting things that they don’t see anywhere else.

So, eBay reseller, Esty reseller or just be creative on that seat, either way, those are definitely some way you can make money as a side hustle or main business if you focus on it like that.

Number Ten but not in list: Sell photo or video to influencers that live in your city:

If you’re good at photography and videography, you should start a business, basically side business or main business where you focus around reaching out to influencers who live in your city. No matter what city you live in. Pretty much there’s going to be influencers who live in that city. I’m talking about people that have big bases built upon or even midsize bases built up on Instagram on YouTube on Snapchat on Twitter, on Facebook some of these platforms.

If you’re really good and you have really good videography Clips photography clips, things like that, you should reach out to some of these people and see if they’re interested in using some of your clips you’ve done in the past. Like for instance if there was let’s say there was a successful blogger here like you know somebody’s got like 150,000 subscribers here in bloggers, right? You know and I wouldn’t do this because I’m too busy doing other stuff.

But let’s say I wasn’t you know doing YouTube myself things like that. I could contact them, right?

And say hey, you know what? I noticed you never use any drone shorts in your blogs. You know I think some epic drone shots in your blogs. It would be cool. You know I got all these drone shorts of this area or that area or the strip or this or that.

How about you paid me 100 bucks a month and I’ll do your great clips every single look and maybe they might be down for that because it will make their content batter, right? They don’t have to go out and purchase that drome or flight or to do that kind of thing. It would be a smart idea and I could reach out to the next person and the next person, the next person. So, reaching out to those people and then you can eventually, even go outside of your city, if you do Clips outside of your city say maybe you went on vacation to Los Angeles or something, right? You can tons of great photos out there, you got tons of great videos, drone videos.

You would be reaching out to influencers who live in Los Angels which there’s like a million of them, right? You can start reaching out to them say hey, I got some great clips you know you want to be an RS and using those kinds of things. You can start building the business that way. Start with your city, then when you went a vacation of some of these other cities, you could do the same things.

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