Remington rm1425 limb n trim Electric Chainsaw

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Features of the Remington rm1425 limb n trim Electric Chainsaw

The Remington electric chainsaw comes with some notable features.

  • Protection: Has wraparound handguard to protect the hands from cuts during work.
  • Ready for any task: Heavy-duty 14 inch chain bar that’s strong enough to handle multiple tasks. Including arbor maintenance and residential wood clearance.
  • Lightweight: Lightweight design for cutting branches easily with minimal fatigue.
  • Clean and hassle-free: The 8 amp electric motor eliminates the need for mixing oil and gas to get the machine going. During startup, it doesn’t idle but rather operates immediately with just a single nozzle push.

Advantages of the Remington rm1425 limb n trim Electric Chainsaw

  • It comes assembled right from the box. All the user has to do is apply a little oil for greasing. Connect with a power source and switch on. The reservoir is also foolproof and won’t leak out fluid even when exposed to extreme conditions. To further prevent spillage, lay the machine down facing right during storage in such a way that chain side is always pointing downwards.
  • Very affordable at less than $50 per unit, making it the perfect bet for those who are buying on a tight budget. Moreover, despite its small size Remington RM1425 is very powerful and can clear an entire tree in just under 30 minutes.
  • Doesn’t produce toxic fumes when running as is the case with gas-powered machines. Requires no maintenance apart from cleaning the blades regularly to remove stuck-in timber parts.
  • Comes fitted with a single push oiler that allows users to adjust grease levels accordingly when it goes down. External chain tension regulation knob also allows for easy tensioning and trimming.

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  • Has less mechanical failures, compared to gas units which may sometimes get their carburetors jammed because of excess ethanol buildup.
  • Also, you only need one hand to operate it, unlike others which often require the use of both hands. This reduces fatigue, especially when working for long hours since both hands can be swapped interchangeably.

However, The Remington rm1425 limb n trim gear sprocket is not very durable. And the owner will have to replace it regularly. This becomes even difficult considering that nowadays spare parts are only available online. Waiting time before arrival is also not standard and totally depends on the vendor’s shipping policies.

In addition, there are people who complain that the tensioner and studs supporting the hold bar get damaged quickly. Sometimes in just a single month. Another fault is that drive bearing is mounted on top of a plastic casing that may melt under high friction.


When used correctly, this chainsaw won’t jam on you even once and performs the job excellently. It’s perfect for trimming shrubs and small branches of between 3 and 6 inches in diameter.

But can also be occasionally used for heavier tasks. The machine is durable and has been known to last for more than 10 yrs when well taken care of. This product is also backed with a 2 yr limited warranty coverage.

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