Zojirushi induction heating pressure rice cooker & warmer review

Zojirushi has truly made wonderful contributions to the rice cooker markets. With its advanced technology and convenient capacities available for all, Zojirushi becomes the top priority for all the potential rice cooker buyers.

We have reviewed all the best rice cookers available so you do not have to spend hours to find the right one. Check it out now!

Zojirushi induction heating pressure rice cooker & warmer review will let you discover one of the best-seller Zojirushi rice cookers on the market today!



This rice cooker comes with 5.5 cups or 1 liter of capacity, and stylish black exterior that gives your kitchen a truly modern finesse. This is a multi-purpose unit that also works as a pressure-cooker and warmer.

Not only that, it specializes as a rice cooker at great levels. It adapts to the cooking cycles that you set through its advanced technology, to give you the best results every time.

It can select the pressure settings required by the orders that you input into the control panel. So you have to do the least amount of thinking. To put it simply, all you need to do to cook great rice is to tap orders into the rice cooker and let it cook for you to perfection.

Why is Zojirushi induction heating pressure rice cooker & warmer great for you?

  • The colored LED display comes with a timer and a clock to help you monitor the progress easily.
  • The interior is made up of non-stick platinum that helps the water in the most efficient way so you can have the best-tasting rice.
  • If you like rice a little scorched, you can adjust the scorch settings as well for a light crisp texture.
  • The steam-reduce settings suck out the moisture by as much as 50%. And rice is cooked more quickly in this way.
  • The ‘umami’ settings let the rice soak for an ideal length of time. This is referred to as the 5th flavor, meaning good flavor. The slow process makes the rice taste sweeter in a different way.
  • It also comes with the IH or Induction Heating system, along with the Fuzzy Logic technology.
  • The unit even has a pressure control valve and a back-up pressure valve and a pressure indicator. These help you to prevent too much pressure from building in the cooker that can be dangerous for you.
  • You can make a vast range of rice dishes in this advanced rice cooker, by only tapping in the right settings. For example, if you select brown rice from the menu settings, the cooker will automatically extend the preheating time. So that the water is better absorbed, and the temperature is lowered. So that rice cook nice and slow with meshing together. Such adjustments are made automatically for sushi rice, mixed rice, porridge, and GABA rice too.
  • The rice cooker has Extended Keep Warm, Automatic Keep Warm. And Reheat functions too that are displayed through the Keep warm monitor.

Some disadvantage of this product:

  • The steam-reduce setting might make rice a little too hard compared to the normal tendency and cannot be used to cook sweet or mixed rice. Because it is a separate setting and cannot be used simultaneously with these initial menu settings.
  • The scorched settings are also a part of other separate settings. So these cannot be combined with the basic menu settings as the rice cook.
  • The rice cooker is an expensive one to go for.
  • This is only for people who are interested in the sophistication. And numerous functions of this model, as it can get complex for those who prefer simpler functions.

Our scoring

  • Ease of use: 3/5
  • Price: 4 /5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Overall: 4/5


You can literally make every sort of rice that you might not think of making otherwise. Like white, brown, GABA or mixed rice, sushi or porridge. Yes, it is expensive. As the Zojirushi induction heating pressure, rice cooker & warmer review suggests. But if you utilize it to its full, the model is definitely worth buying.


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